Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Charles Atencio's MIT SDM Curriculum - Summary

 Charles Atencio's MIT SDM Curriculum

  IAP 2009 (January)

SDM Core
ESD.34 - System Architecture (January Session)
Engineering Foundation
ESD.301 - Probability and Statistics
Management Foundation
15.381 - The Human Side of Technology

  Spring 2009 (February - May)

Engineering Foundation
ESD.72 - Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis
ESD.762 - Systems Optimization
Management Foundation
15.965 - Technology Strategy for SDM
15.969 - User-Centered Innovation in the Internet Age
Focus Areas
ESD.40 - Product Design and Development
ESD.802 - SDM Thesis Seminar
ESD.941 - Tiger Team (Elective)
15.980 - Organizing for Innovative Product Development (Elective)

  Summer 2009 (June - August)

SDM Core
ESD.33 - Systems Engineering
Engineering Foundation
ESD.763 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
Management Foundation
15.514 - Financial and Managerial Accounting
Focus Areas
ESD.74 - System Dynamics for Engineers (Elective)
ESD.940 - Managing from the Middle of the Organization (Elective)

  Fall 2009 (September - December)

SDM Core
ESD.34 - System Architecture
ESD.36 - System Project Management
Focus Areas
ESD.137 - Sustainability, Trade and the Environment (Elective)
ESD.930 - Leadership: The Missing Link (Elective)
15.569 - Leadership Lab: Leading Sustainable Systems - Classwork (Elective)
ESD.THG - SDM Thesis

  IAP 2010 (January)

Focus Areas
15.569 - Leadership Lab: Leading Sustainable Systems - Project (Elective)

  Spring 2010 (February - May)

Focus Areas
ESD.58 - Disruptive Technologies: Predator or Prey (Elective)
HAB.1230 - Corporate Strategy (Harvard Business School)
HAB.1263 - Executing Strategy (Harvard Business School)
ESD.THG - SDM Thesis

SDM Information Nights

The next SDM Information Night will be on Tuesday, 27 April from 6:00pm-9:30pm
MIT Sloan Faculty Club - MIT Sloan Building E52. I will be on the panel to answer questions.

From the questions I am asked at past SDM Information Nights, I know prospective students find the old posts from 1995 on Yoav Shapira (SDM'05) Blog enlightening. However, the curriculum had since changed since 1995. Besides, the basic SDM curriculum does not reflect the many electives from MIT, MIT Sloan, and Harvard Business School that I have had the chance to take. As you can see, I have been busy in the past year and a half!

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